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Women have one of the most powerful tools within them, but sadly most are never truly taught how to access and use this power to support themselves.

If you love everything intuitive, if you feel and know you have powerful soul connections to others, or if you always look to the universe for answers, then this group is for you?

Do you have the desire to feel more spiritually connected, confident, and powerful every day?

Let’s Talk Sacred Collective Membership has everything you need to help you feel safe, inspired, informed and empowered. This is the way to living a Consciously Designed Life.

We would love you to join us!

Go to Facebook and search Let’s Talk Sacred Collective and ask to join!

Go to Facebook and search Let’s Talk Sacred Collective and ask to join!



Take a look at some of the features that are included in the Let’s Talk Sacred Collective’s Private Members Group.

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Self care is important and Rosina shares old and new family remedies using herbs, oils and meditations that remove blocks and enhance your home and life, allowing you to attract more.

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Intuition is your superpower and Rosina will share how to maximise yours because your instincts are there to help you live your life, love yourself, others and increase your wealth.

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Rosina will share her mentoring skills to help you find and keep the clarity you need because when you have clarity achieving hat you want is much easier to maximise your life.

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ritual & mantra

Mantra and verbal acclamations have been proven to increase your confidence and enhance your attraction possibilities and these easy rituals help you clear, reset and attract more. These have become one of most loved features of our collective.

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Your relationships always flow more, when you are in touch with you. Your intuition is there to guide you in your responses and Rosina’s emotional understanding of Numerology brings clarity to you about your soul and relationship connections.

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We are all affected by energy and others, which means what is happening in the skies matters. Rosina shares details about how to maximise the current alignments to help you increase potential and avoid possiblepitfalls.

ABOVE are a few screen shots of

shared CONTENT in The Let’s Talk Sacred Collective.


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It all started when…

The New Year hit, and I felt the need to share more deeply about living a Consciously Designed Life, and a women's group seemed a beautiful place to begin. Women are powerful and supportive in a group setting because they share their stories and life experiences, meaning everyone wins. Initially, it was an Inspire the New Year closed group, but no one wanted to stop, which is why "Let's Talk Sacred Collective" was created.

I am a 4th generation intuitive, and I love to share and teach others the old spiritual wisdom I have been taught because these ancient pearls of knowledge must be shared. This group is called "Let's Talk" because we all have a story, and in here there are equal opportunities to share emotionally, and talk about how to live a more empowerment life. We all need to know how to release and clear the old energy, mindsets, and habits that hold us, hostage, because women have more of a voice in society than ever before. We are living in changing times, and women are claiming their power every day and living a more consciously designed life, which is why you must join us and give this a try. Join us for three months and share in the power and the experience of an intuitive life with everyone in the Let's Talk Sacred Collective!

Love Rosina

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  • This is a Private Facebook Group for Women Only.

  • Everything within this group is all about you and your life; Rosina works to inspire, inform, and teach you how to connect and maximise your daily and emotional experience.

  • Every post or video is there is inspire and inform you on ways that you can make better decisions or change outcomes.

  • Rosina’s Numerology skills are a significant feature as they are such a powerful and incredible tool, for enhancing you, your work, calming emotions, and strengthening relationships.

  • Each month Rosina features a topic or idea according to what is naturally aligning with the universal, planetary and energetically.

  • Your mindset does matter, and one of Rosina’s passions is to show you how powerful your mindset is and how to use it to your advantage.,

  • There are weekly Live insights to inform and inspire, plus access to the library of videos already there, on relationships and Wealth 2019.

  • On the 3rd Wednesday of each month, there is a 1 hour live intuitive session with Rosina where you will be able to ask personal questions.

  • One of Rosina’s passions is Mantra and verbal acclamation. These are a feature of this group, including Full or New Moon Rituals to help you clear or manifest more.

    Let's Talk Sacred Collective is a Private Facebook group for Women, a place where you will be encouraged, inspired, and informed from a spiritual perspective. This is a dedicated sacred space for women, a space, where you can share, learn, and feel supported with powerful spiritual practices that have been used in Rosina's family for many generations. This group is called "Let's Talk" because we want you to talk and share your story in this sacred space.

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Sign up now for a 3 Month Membership to Let’s Talk Sacred Collective and learn to reconnect to your inner wisdom and power. This is a subscription membership, one where you will be asked before you commit to a further 3 months. We know once you are with us, you won’t want to leave.

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1 Month Try Out

If you feel a bit unsure but are keen to find a community of like minded, intuitive women then the 1 month try out is for you. We know once you give us a go, you won’t want to leave.